I wanted to share a song with you all that came out of the Choctaw songwriting workshop I just returned from. Many great songs and ideas came out of the workshop which was aimed at producing new Choctaw songs for children based on Bible verses. I received permission from one of the composers, Di, to share this song with you. I am always amazed to hear God’s word not only in another spoken language, but also in another musical language.

This song is based on Matthew 5:44:

“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”


Here are the lyrics in Choctaw (2nd verse only):

Kanah ósh chi ha sa nálih ok ma,

Chiho wat áchih ishI hollash kih.

an^ no pa il^ bash sha ya- ish im

A- silh hash kih Chiho wat- á chih,

yo ba hi ya ha yo be- hi yah

yo-o ba hi ya yo- be hi yah

yo^ ba hi ya^ ha yo- be- hi yah

yo- o ba hi ya yo- be hi yah


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  1. wow! so cool. gives you a little taste at what you’ll be doing all the time! how neat!

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