The Sights and Sounds and Smells of Bandung…

Everyone tells us to take lots of pictures of what we see while we’re still new here in Indonesia, because after a while it will all seem normal to us. So we thought it would be fun to share some of the things that we see everyday that are becoming “normal” in our eyes, and also be able to show you what we’ve been up to!

Here we are with Paul and Krisanne at a Japanese restaurant in our neighborhood. They have free wi-fi, so we are there quite often!


Last week we went to an Angklung orchestra cultural event. It was really cool to see them play these unique instruments, They are made from bamboo and are different sizes in order to get different pitches. They are played by shaking them to make the bamboo pipes rattle.


Here is Elizabeth trying her hand at playing the Angklung. Actually, she was more interested in eating it (teething!).


Our family eating at a mall here in Bandung called Paris van Java. The food was excellent and cheap!


Here we are with the whole group from orientation:


This past Sunday, we attended a Sundanese (the local culture here in Bandung) house church. The service was mostly in Sunda with a little bit in Indonesian, but the music was all Sunda. It was really cool to experience a contextual church here in Indonesia, since this is what we will be working toward in Central Sulawesi. We all sat on the floor and enjoyed the gamelan music and the food afterward!


Durian is an especially fragrant (stinky to Kara!) fruit that is currently in season here in Indonesia. We smell it in every store that we go to.  Our director thought that eating durian would be a good way to orient us to Indonesia, so he brought one and cut it up for everyone to try. Kara had to stay inside and take pictures through the window to stay away from the smell. Matt enjoyed being adventurous and trying this new fruit!


An early morning view down the valley from the house that we are staying in temporarily:


Yesterday we went to the pasar (market) and found some beautiful batik. Here we are with the translators from school who bargained in Indonesian for us:


Hope this gives you a better idea of what we’ve been doing and we’ll keep taking lots of pictures of our everyday adventures here in Indonesia!


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