Toko Kopi Aroma

Last week we had the opportunity to visit and tour a coffee roaster in downtown Bandung who has been in business since 1930.  It is still owned by the family, now in its second generation of coffee roasters.


  They still use huge cast iron drum roasters built in 1936.IMG_2663

Toko Kopi Aroma ages their coffee beans before they roast them for eight years. Below is a picture of the warehouse of beans.  The ones closest to the front have aged the longest.


Needless to say, I (Matt) bought 2 kilos of coffee before we left for a little over $5 US.  All the coffee is purchased from Indonesian growers on several different islands.  They still buy their beans from the same places they have for the last 75 years.


On a separate note, we just got moved into our house.  We’re still waiting on some furniture to be delivered, but once we get a little more settled we’ll post some pictures and video.


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  1. wow! i bet that coffee is delicious! we miss you guys. glad you're getting settled!

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