House, School, Teeth, and Food!

Now that we have been here in Bandung for almost two months, we are finally starting to feel a little more settled.  We have been able to get some furniture for our house, get curtains up, and paint the kitchen cabinets!  We’ll post a video as soon as we can.

On July 14th, we started language school classes to learn to speak Indonesian.  So far we are learning a lot and can understand a whole lot more of what people are saying to us (YAY!). It will still be quite a while before we are fluent, but we can get around much better now than we could when we first got here.  At first both of us were going to class from 8-12:00 each day and we took Elizabeth with us so that Kara could feed her there.  However, it was very difficult for Kara to focus on language learning and being Mommy for that long in a small classroom each day.  From now on, Matt will continue to go to class from 8-12 every morning and Kara will have a private tutor at school from 1-3 p.m. That way one of us is with Elizabeth all day and we each have dedicated times to focus on language learning.

Elizabeth has two new teeth and is getting so big! She is really trying hard to crawl, but hasn’t gotten all of the right motions all together yet. Here is a picture of our girl showing off her two new pearly whites!


Now that we are not travelling anymore, we have been able to start Elizabeth on solid foods. Some of her favorites are sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, apples, and pears. We tried avocado, but that didn’t go down so well. It sure is fun to learn what she likes, though! A lot of the foods that we can get here taste slightly different than what you can get in the US, and there are a lot of other different things like guava, rambutan, snake-fruit, etc. Maybe we’ll wait a little bit before we give Elizabeth anything too exotic to eat!

Some other fun things that we have found here in Bandung! Just little reminders of home…

11072009 20072009(001)


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  1. Hey guys, thanks for posting pictures – Elizabeth is soooo cute! Your newsletter was great as well, good job. Can't wait for the videos!- Chris

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