A Little Different than Soccer

Just around the corner form our house, there’s been a futsal tournament going on.  Futsal is a variation on soccer, but from my perspective it is much more difficult and very fast!  It is played on a smaller, concrete field with a very lightweight ball.  It is incredibly fast-moving, which makes for an exciting sport. 

The tournament is being held for Tujuh Belas Agustus (the 17th of August), which is Indonesian Independence Day.  The whole neighborhood is celebrating with games, sports, and flags and decorations everywhere.  We’re excited to be here for this – we’ve got a few Indonesian flags and some bunting up in front of our house as well.  Think of it as a week-long celebration of the 4th of July.

I attempted to play futsal last week, but any little bit of soccer skill I might have had went completely out the window: it’s a completely different game!  Here’s a short video of the tournament I watched last night.  I apologize for the quality – I took it with my cell phone, since that’s all I had handy.


Futsal 10Aug09 from Matt Menger on Vimeo.


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