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It’s been a while…

Life in Indonesia can be very exciting (earthquakes, heat, volcanoes, etc.), but for the most part lately we’ve been overtaken by the very mundane task of daily living. We finally got all of our new furniture delivered to our house, and Matt has finished Unit 2 of our language studies (Kara is going to finish Unit 2 next week). We can get along much better now in Indonesian, but are looking forward to being able to have real conversations with people.

We are off of school this week as most of Indonesia is celebrating Lebaran, the end of the month of Ramadan. After fasting all day during sunlight for a month, most people here are taking a week off and really celebrating, sort of like we do for Christmas. Since the kids in the neighborhood have been off of school for two weeks, they love to stop by and play with Elizabeth. They LOVE watching and imitating every little thing she does, and of course she loves an audience too! Here is a picture:
Tonight Matt and I went on a date and it was the first time the two of us have been alone together since our anniversary in May! Thanks so much to Paul and Krisanne for babysitting! I (Kara) rode the motorbike for the first time with Matt and it was really fun – and a very fast and efficient way to get around. We can’t take the motorbike normally because Elizabeth doesn’t fit in a helmet yet. We are very thankful that we have been able to rent a car for an affordable price so that we can use the car seat and get around together as a family.

As part of the Lebaran festivities, it is customary to visit your friends and neighbors and to eat with them. Since we had not yet met our house helper’s family we set up to go visit her home on Monday. Ibu Ida and her husband Edy have one daughter, Indah, who is 12 years old. They live in a small, dark, two-room house, but it was a real treat for us to visit them and eat with them. Ibu Ida loves Elizabeth and Elizabeth has so much fun playing with her. I forgot to take my camera, so I don’t have any pictures of her family yet. Ibu Ida and her family belong to the majority religion here in Indonesia, so please continue to pray for our relationship with her and that our lives would be a good example to her. She is a very hard worker and we are privileged to have her helping us!

On a lighter note…. Elizabeth has started pulling herself up on every piece of furniture and is wanting to cruise around the room on her two little feet. She also has some new favorite places to explore such as the refrigerator:
She likes to eat on her own which means some very messy hands sometimes!
About a month ago I heard a very small kitten crying in the gutter across the street. Now Sasha is growing and active and is a part of our family. Here is a picture of her when she was still really little. Now she’s in the gawky teenage stage and runs everywhere so snapping a picture of her as she whizzes by is a little difficult :)!
We love and miss everyone back in America! Comment and let us know how y’all are doing!



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The Office

About a year ago we were infected with a love of the NBC TV series The Office.  Ever since Elizabeth was born, Kara has popped in an episode or two while nursing or while up in the middle of the night.  As a little taste of home, we brought it with us on DVD.  The gist of this is that Elizabeth has heard the theme song practically since day one, and even before she was born.  Now, she dances along every time the theme song is played!  We think it is quite cute.

Elizabeth Dances to The Office from Matt Menger on Vimeo.


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