Trip to Jakarta

This past weekend we were able to take a trip to Jakarta to meet up with some friends who just arrived in the country and to relax a little.  We have been renting a vehicle for the past month, so we decided to go ahead and try making the drive on our own.  Thanks to providence and a borrowed GPS, we made it without any “interesting” experiences! 

It was wonderful to see our friends from Dallas again before they head elsewhere in Indonesia, and we also enjoyed getting a little taste of Jakarta.  The city is absolutely huge, and we saw just a tiny, tiny bit of it while we were there.  Though our city, Bandung, is a pretty big city at about 4 million people, it is absolutely dwarfed by Jakarta.  We visited the premier shopping mall in Indonesia, and it completely blew away any other shopping experience we’ve ever had, anywhere, including the Mall of America and the Galleria in Houston. 


The mall had different sections themed after different countries from all around the world, and it even had a Hard Rock Cafe, a Dairy Queen, a Cold Stone Creamery and a Burger King, not to mention multiple Starbucks!  Of course, we had to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe – is there even an option?



While at the mall, Elizabeth got her first ride on a carousel!


We also enjoyed relaxing in our room at the hotel.  Elizabeth enjoyed having a new place to explore, and we enjoyed the Western-ness of it all.

Here are Krisanne, Kara, and Susan enjoying pedicures!  (for only $3 too!)  They decided Elizabeth was still too young to have her toes done.


We’re in the process of raising our own little fashionista!



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