Tex-Mex? In Indonesia????

Yes, I know, we thought the same thing too – REAL Tex-Mex in Indonesia would be impossible!!! But… for Krisanne’s birthday she wanted to try this restaurant called Amigo’s that we had passed by a couple of times. We didn’t really know anything about it so it was kind of a shot in the dark. But it was really good!! It actually tasted really really close to the real thing…. sigh… a little taste of Texas! Because of the crazy Bandung traffic it took us almost 2 hours to get there (and should only have taken about 20 mins), but it was totally worth the wait! Here we all are at the restaurant celebrating Krisanne’s birthday (sorry the picture is a little fuzzy):

Matt and I both ordered chimichanga/enchilada/taco plates and we really were shocked when our plates came. Usually in Indonesia we don’t get quite full off of one entree, but the food at Amigo’s was real-life sized and came with rice and beans. We were stuffed! All of the waiters wore jeans and cowboy hats, there was also a live band that sang songs in English and Spanish, wagon-weel bannisters, a saloon-style bar, and a dance floor! Here is a picture of me and Matt dancing together!


We even ordered chips and guacamole and it tasted wonderful! Usually here in Indonesia they think of avocados as a fruit and make a sugary-chocolatey drink out of it (yuck I think!). One time in class I tried to describe guacamole to one of our teachers and when I said that you mix avocados and salt, she said, “You mean sugar, right?” She couldn’t even begin to imagine what guacamole would taste like with salt, tomatoes, spicy peppers, and onions. Maybe I’ll have to make if for her sometime!


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