The Blessing of a Good Toilet

toilet Some of you may be familiar with the British television show called Top Gear, in which they test drive all kinds of new cars and do crazy things.  One of the presenters, James May, also has a column that I (Matt) follow, and today he had a great quote about bathrooms that I just have to share.

According to some people I know, Ronald McDonald is the worst thing ever to happen to the world. He is the unacceptable face of globalisation, the destroyer of rainforests, the red-nosed bringer of obesity.

But in some ways, Ron has done us a favour. Thanks to his relentless clown-shoed march across the planet, every single significant town or city in the world now has at least one decent and functioning loo in it. Each McDonalds is a consulate of American plumbing, which is a good thing.

Having lived here for a while, I just have to agree!  Finding a decent (by my American standards) bathroom outside your own home is a huge blessing, and it’s worth remembering where it was too.


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  1. nice πŸ™‚ when my dad was working on our toilet in the village, he said, "well, it'll work, but it's not the greatest flush around." and then we all thought for a second or two and busted out laughing. 'cuz of course, being in the heart of papua new guinea, we were pretty much the only flush around for miles :D~sarah graham πŸ™‚

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