Starting to feel like Home

I thought that since it’s been a while since we posted the video tour of our house I should update you all on how things look. When we made that video we had just moved in and were still living out of suitcases. Since then, we have been able to settle in a lot more and actually put some things on the walls! It really is starting to feel a lot more like home. Thanks to all who make it possible for us to live here and not just survive, but thrive! We love, appreciate, and miss you all.

Here are a few pictures of our bedroom. The crossbar down the middle of the bed that was there before broke, so we had to quickly order a new one. Fortunately it only took the wrought-iron workers two days to make!


There are no closets in Indonesia, so we had this wardrobe made to store all of our clothes. Also, the sink is in the eating area, so I have this vanity table and mirror to put my makeup on and do my hair and all that girly stuff.


We’ve been able to work on the fountain area behind our house too. It has had moments of severe frustration for Matt (leaking and repainting five times!), but we are glad that we’ve been able to get it to work. The plants help add some green to our house too! There are fish in the pond, but every time we go out there they hide under the bridge, so we THINK that they are still there :).


We got a desk for Matt and he loves having room to spread out. Thanks to Matt’s parents for the extra monitor as a birthday gift for Matt! Now he has more room to spread his digital junk out too!


And finally our living area, which hasn’t changed a whole lot except for getting a few more things on the walls. Normally there are tons of toys scattered all over this area, but I managed to take these pictures while Elizabeth was sleeping so that the whole place didn’t look like one big playroom!






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2 responses to “Starting to feel like Home

  1. looks great! How's the "guest room"? When can we come and visit? 🙂

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