Driving in Indonesia

Traffic and driving here in Indonesia are quite different from back home!  It’s hard to describe the difference in words, but I think one of our friends here pretty accurately captured the idea when he said it flows, a lot like water.  If there is a space, someone will fill it.  It can appear to be absolutely insane sometimes, but now that we’ve lived here a while I think it is safe to say that we’re both getting pretty comfortable with it.  Motorbikes are everywhere!

IMG_2754I (Matt) tried making a video of our drive home from church one Sunday to share with everyone as an example.  I sped it up to 4x so it wouldn’t be too long, which means our 15 minute drive is about a 4 minute video.  Of course, I’d forgotten just how bumpy the roads can be here – when I looked at the video, the camera was all over the place!  I did as much editing as I could to smooth things out, but the result is still a little crazy.  If you get motion-sick, this might not be the best video to watch on full screen.  There’s no sound, so don’t worry if it’s silent.


Driving in Bandung from Matt Menger on Vimeo.



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3 responses to “Driving in Indonesia

  1. When I was in Benin recently I thought of it as ants, everywhere.

  2. Gotta love the crazy motorcyclists….they're like that in Singapore, too, even on the freeway!

  3. I could only watch about two seconds before I got car-sick… wow.

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