Rainy Season is REALLY here.

So rainy season officially started a while back, but we’ve now reached the point where it would be odd if it didn’t rain at some point during the day.  It may sound crazy, but we’re really enjoying it!  The rain clears all the pollution and smoke out of the air, and things cool off somewhat and feel crisp and fresh. 
The rain can really be something here.  We’ve experienced hard rain like this before in Texas, but it never lasts this long.  I (Matt) went outside with the video camera today to shoot some footage just to give you a taste.  The sound is what I really love, so for this video I hooked up one of our really nice microphones that we brought to try to do it some justice.  There’s not much to see on the video except rain, but I hope you enjoy the sound of it as much as we do!  I hope at some point in the future to record some of the spectacular thunder and lightning here.  We are in the middle of the mountains, so the echoes and crackles are phenomenal.
(I suggest turning the volume all the way up to get the full effect)
Rainy Season HD from Matt Menger on Vimeo.


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