Idul Adha

Idul Adha is a holiday celebrated by the majority religion here that commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, but God providing an animal instead.  They traditionally believe it was a different son than we do, but it is essentially the same story. 

For a number of reasons and after discussion with a community leader, we decided to participate by purchasing a sheep to be sacrificed.  Culturally, this is more than just a commemoration of a story – it is an opportunity for those who have means to buy an animal, and after the slaughter the meat is distributed to the poor in the community.  It isn’t always easy to decide how to participate in the local culture and traditions, but in this case we’re glad we did!  We met so many new neighbors got to know others better, and it seems that our participation was well received. 

The video below is about a minute and has some video and still images from the activities of the day.  Enjoy!

NOTE: Since the event revolves around the slaughter, skinning, and preparation of animals, I chose NOT to include all the gory details in this video – safe for all ages!  The only thing you see is some raw meat after it is already cut up – just like at the grocery store.

Idul Adha from Matt Menger on Vimeo.


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