A Little Like Christmas

As we get close to Christmas, it is strange to be wearing shorts and t-shirts (although I hear it will be 70 degrees in Houston on Christmas day!), watching “orange and palm-trees sway….”

So I thought I would share some of the things that we miss about Christmas in America. Most of these are just little things that we didn’t really notice when in America, until they don’t exist here!

  • Christmas lights EVERYWHERE, especially on houses.
  • Christmas music playing in all the stores and on the radio.
  • Christmas “specialty” drinks at Starbucks.
  • Chilly weather.
  • Holiday parties.
  • Get-togethers with friends and family.
  • Christmas concerts and recitals.
  • Funky Christmas sweaters and clothes (although I never liked them in America, but somehow now I miss seeing them!).
  • Santa in the malls.
  • Saying “Merry Christmas!” to everyone.

Even though all these things are very different here in Indonesia, we have done our best to make our home feel Christmas-y. I have jingle bells on the front door, an apple spice candle on the end table, a poinsettia on the kitchen table, stockings and Christmas lights hung on the window (no fireplace here). And here is a picture of our tree with WAY too many presents underneath:

We are planning to get together with our friends Paul and Krisanne for a big turkey meal on Christmas Eve around noon. I think the menu that we have planned would make some Americans jealous! We try really hard to make it as “homey” as we can. We’re going to have turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies, eggplant dip, rolls, gravy, cut-out cookies, chocolate revel bars, pecan pie, chocolate mousse, and cider. YUM!

After that we are going to a soup get-together with other people from our org here in Bandung for dinner followed by a Candlelight Service at church. We are really excited about going to that – there is nothing like singing “Silent Night” with fellow believers to candlelight to make it feel like Christmas!

On Christmas day we’re making our own new traditions as a family of three and taking the whole day to relax and celebrate Jesus’ birth together. And then we need to pack, because the next day we head to the beach!

Since it’s been a while, I thought I would put up some recent pictures of our adorable little girl. She’s growing up so fast!

Decorating the tree together.

Learning “up!”

“Learning to use a spoon” a.k.a. “not much ends up on the spoon or in the mouth” (hence no shirt).


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