RIO – trucks

Another Random Indonesian Object today: the typical truck.  I took this picture from our front porch.  There’s a recycling business of sorts right across the street, and this is their truck being loaded up to cart all of the stuff away.  Almost everything about this is different from America!  Here’s just some of the differences:

  • Size of the engine/truck: here, a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine is plenty for a work truck (in America it’s at least a V-8, usually over 4 liters, if not a big diesel engine!).  This truck does the work of the typical F-150 in the US.
  • How to load: pile on as much as possible
  • Maintenance: if the truck doesn’t start, try, try again!  If you can’t start it at all, it might be time to see a mechanic.  Don’t fix it unless it is totally and utterly dead.


This is completely typical here.  The object is always to be as efficient as possible – how much can you fit on one truck/motorbike/cart?  And generally, this works pretty well.  This is just a completely opposite mindset from the one we have in America.  Oftentimes, we use a big V-8 powered F-150 to lug a few bags of mulch, but here they will absolutely maximize the load whenever possible.  Trucks like this one are the workhorse of the country. We enjoy watching this unique type of efficiency!


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