RIO #5


RIO #5 is the light bulb.  Here, everyone uses CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) for everything. As before, the reason is efficiency – a 23W CFL bulb puts out around the same amount of light as a 100W incandescent bulb.  When you think about it, when the amount of power your home has is measured in hundreds of watts, using CFLs starts making more sense!  The economics of using an efficient light bulb are the most important thing here. 

When I think about our house, if we used standard incandescent light bulbs, about 50% of our home’s power would run just the lights.  That leaves only half to power all the big stuff like the fridge and microwave!  By using CFLs, we use only 15% of our home’s power for lights. 

While they do look a little different than the warm, rich glow of the incandescent bulb, we’ve gotten used to them.  Though they do make a yellow, “natural” colored CFL, it’s not quite the same and doesn’t have the warmth of a good old power-hogging incandescent one!


On a random note, here’s some interesting things I found in a store here a few days ago. No idea how they got here!  Maybe manufactured somewhere around here? 

(sorry for the low quality -  taken from my phone)





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