RIO #6

Ok, this might be more like RIO #5.5, because it is related to electricity.  The photos below are of power line poles here.  I have no idea how the electric company figures out what is going on, but everything works! 

Though it looks just like a big bird’s nest of wires, I am sympathetic to the electric company’s plight.  If you were to walk around our kampung (dense neighborhood) you would see that there are little streets and alleys going everywhere, and there’s absolutely no way of doing nice big poles down the side of the street with a neat little wire going to each house. 


We were walking around the other day when we saw these and realized that we had to share this.  Sometimes we get so used to things here we forget just how different they can be!



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  1. While certainly enjoying the RIOs, I'd like to request new video, please.Love,Your Aunt Margaret

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