Okay, so I (Kara) know that the RIOs are interesting, but I have to post pics of my girl because she is getting so big and growing so fast! Just yesterday I found three new molars that I didn’t even know had come in yet. Thank the Lord they are not as hard to cut as the front teeth! And goodness – now that she is walking, she is unstoppable! It’s hard for me to keep up with her :).


At our language school there is a “playgroup” which is more like a pre-school class for little ones that meets on Tuesday and Friday mornings for an hour. All the kids except Elizabeth are Indonesians from the surrounding community. When we first moved here I didn’t have the language skills to understand what was going on, but now I can actually talk to the other moms! Elizabeth goes to the class for 1-3 year-olds, and the moms are in there with them. The kids usually have a play time, then sing songs, learn about something simple like flowers or food with a craft or activity, wash their hands, have a snack time, and then have some time to play outside. There are still many cultural differences that I am adjusting to, but it’s a great learning experience for me too!

Here is some video of her walking around and playing with the other children and teachers.

Elizabeth at KPN Playgroup 22Jan2010 from Matt Menger on Vimeo.

I also want to encourage both English and Indonesian for Elizabeth, so it helps that she has separate and unique times to hear Indonesian from native speakers. She is starting to imitate everything that we say and make all sorts of animal sounds, so this is prime language-learning time for her. She understands both languages right now, but uses mostly English when she wants something. This is such an interesting process!

Here are a few more pictures. If you have trouble finding Elizabeth just look for the blond hair :).







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