Kara’s mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law arrived today!  We are so excited to have visitors for a few weeks!  If you can’t tell from all the exclamation points yet, this makes us very happy!


That also means the blog may get neglected a bit over the next few weeks (and you may have noticed that it has been neglected too – we’ve been busy getting things ready and organized!).  I (Matt) will really try to keep up and as we do things with Kara’s folks, I’ll try to get some pictures and video posted when possible. 

It is such an odd experience to have people from “another life” so to speak, as in our previous one back in the US, come and enter into this new world of ours that we’ve finally settled in to. 

It’s also neat for me to see other people’s reactions to things.  What do they think of our street?  How clean/dirty do things look to them?  Do they think it is noisy, or quiet?  How bad is the traffic, really?  I am realizing that we’ve lived here long enough that many of the very different qualities about life here have already become biasa (usual/ordinary) for us.  It can be hard to think back to the first time we saw all of these very different things, and how we felt about it then.

We’ve go no big plans for the time they’re here – just relax, enjoy time together, and see a few sights.


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