Taste of Texas

So when we made the list of things for my family to bring for us it was really funny what we ended up wanting from America. I mean, not the staples like dental floss and vitamins, but the fun food things that we can’t get here that we miss. I thought that I would miss pork as a regular staple in my diet (we can get it here, but because our house-helper belongs to the majority religion here, we only cook it very very occasionally on the weekends), and seasonal fruits and veggies like peaches, parsnips, asparagus. I miss these things, but fortunately, living without them has not proven to be a hardship. However, these are not the things that I asked for – granted, they don’t travel very well. So what, you ask, was on this list of things that we CRAVE from America? Junk food. Pure and simple – full of sugar, preservatives, and all that other horrible-for-you stuff that I really didn’t eat very much of in America. (Anyone that knows me already knows that Chocolate is a regular food group in my diet, but that hasn’t changed here – there’s really good Indonesian chocolate!) Enough with the side notes. When we lived in America we never ever ate at McDonald’s but here we eat there at least twice a month, just because it’s sort of close to a real hamburger from home. Me? Eat at McDonald’s? You couldn’t have paid me enough! Whataburger is, however, another story (YUM!). Man! I really want some Whataburger! Okay… so writing this is proving to be more challenging to stay focused and not let my taste buds run away with my fingers – sorry!

So the list of things we asked for included: Kraft The Cheesiest Macaroni & Cheese, Twizzlers, Skittles, Milky Way, Snickers, 3 Musketeers. The Twizzlers were gone in three days and the Skittles were AMAZING!! I mean, it was all amazing, and by the time my family left, we had put ourselves on rations so that it didn’t all disappear too quickly. I’m sure that if I walked down the candy aisle in any American grocery store right now, I would have a hard time not putting one of everything in my cart, just to remind myself how it tastes and revel in wonderful sugary American treats. I don’t mean to sound gluttonous, but sometimes it’s the funny things that you find yourself craving when you’re so far away from “normal”. So to anyone out there that is thinking of sending a care package, you now know all our weird and wacky cravings for “America” (sorry I don’t think Whataburger would ship well either).



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  1. Ashlie just asked for many of the same things. We just sent over boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, Reese's peanutbutter cups, Girl Scout cookies, etc…!

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