Easter Eggs!

Mom sent us an egg-dying kit from America (along with other goodies) and it arrived safely and in good time last week. I had totally forgotten about dying Easter eggs, and it hadn’t occurred to me to ask for someone to send it, so it was a wonderful surprise! Today I sent Matt to the store on a quest to find non-brown eggs, and he was successful! These eggs are only slightly colored, nothing like the brown ones that are available EVERYWHERE here, and the colors worked really well with them. So.. here was the set-up:


Elizabeth loved the colored water and at first kept saying “drink!”, but after a small taste (vinegar water) she changed her mind.


We went for the all-natural look with just a diaper and some wild post-nap hair! After she understood what we were doing, the game turned into how-many-eggs-can-I-fit-in-one-bowl, with Mom and Dad frantically trying to keep the colored water from spilling everywhere on the table. You can see how many eggs she got in some of the colors!


Here is the finished product!


Later, while I was making dinner, Daddy and Elizabeth found some funny shoes that someone had given her for her birthday back in December.  And very appropriately for this weekend, they are bunnies! Such a happy girl with her Daddy!


We are very excited for Easter tomorrow! It is amazing to me how much I get into the little activities for holidays now that I have a little one. They really do help us feel like we haven’t completely lost our home culture :). I am everyday so thankful for the reason that we celebrate Easter – and astounded that our holy and merciful God would send his Son to die for us and rise again to conquer the sin and death that we are enslaved to. Amen and Amen! He is RISEN!!



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2 responses to “Easter Eggs!

  1. So glad you can enjoy a little bit of an American Easter there in Bandung!Matt, what a great picture of you and your girl!

  2. Kara-I keep in touch with your mom on facebook. It's so much fun to hear about all of you and how you are doing. My daughter Jodi has 2 kids-ages 3yrs and 6 months. They live very near us and we love spending time with them. Have a great Resurrection Sunday. Kathy Lee

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