Elizabeth also got an Easter basket in the mail from Grandma (I mean the “Easter Bunny”). She got a book, a frog that makes a frog noise, a quilted bunny, stickers, a lollipop, and a chocolate bunny.  And the Easter basket can be re-used for many years to come!


We gave it to her this morning before church while she still had her jammies on.


At breakfast this morning we decided to eat some of the eggs that we dyed yesterday. We cracked and peeled the first one to give to Elizabeth and found a double yolk!


After that, we got ready to go, and were so blessed by the church service this morning. There was a wonderful sermon reminding us that it is the power of the Resurrection that enables everything that we do – from our faith to our speaking. After church, we went to the Sheraton Hotel here in Bandung which is walking distance from our house. They had a nice buffet at the restaurant, and very yummy desserts. All of our friends here in Bandung ate there together to celebrate Easter. Here is everyone eating:


As I said, the desserts were very yummy, and Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed eating her very first ice cream cone all by herself. It certainly did get everywhere – even up her nose!



Here is our pretty girl in her Easter dress!


There were supposed to be activities for the kids including an egg hunt at the Sheraton also, but apparently they were over by the time we were done eating :(. Some of our friends here have three little ones, and the two girls are just a little older than Elizabeth. So, instead of hunting eggs, they all wanted to play in the kiddie pool water there at the hotel.


Elizabeth just went swimming in this same pool yesterday, so today she didn’t understand why she couldn’t just walk right in with her diaper and Easter dress on! It was challenging to get her to stay on the edge.



Elizabeth and Adeliade had a lot of fun kicking and making big splashes together!


And in the end, Mommy gave in and she got to go swimming :).


Here is another picture of our whole group together. You can see the storm clouds looming in the distance!


Now we are home in the afternoon, Matt is reading, Elizabeth is napping, and it is just pouring buckets outside! It is so strange to think that most of the people that will read this are still sleeping and waiting for their own Easter morning. We love you all and miss you! Praying that you have a blessed Easter filled with the power of the Resurrection of our King!


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  1. Very nice, Kara & Matt. How special that you have a beautiful place to celebrate the Resurrection of the God-Man together with friends. The buffet and swim after sounds perfect. Darling dresses on the girls, too.We had a beautiful Easter day and our choir plus extras from the congregation sang the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of the service. It was WONDERFUL! We had a ham dinner with fixings here at 5pm, with 14 of us..only G'pa wasn't feeling well enough to be with us downstairs. Cody continues to grow in communication & activity. A beautiful child.Last night we also celebrated Devan's 20th b'day (it's today) with an ice cream cake. He got a beautiful batik painting your Mom picked up on her visit there. Know we miss you & pray for you daily.Hugs & love,G'ma & G'pa

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