Writing this from our future home!  Today we were thrilled to finally meet and talk with some local church leaders who we will be working with here.  It was so exciting to get to know them a little and to share our vision for what we would like to accomplish here.  This Sunday we will be travelling out into a village with some church leaders to visit a church in an area where we will probably be working.  All of this is a little crazy, since it is the first time we are actually seeing the end goal since we started working towards this several years ago!

Here we are meeting with the leader of the church synod and with Derek, our other teammate.


Here is everyone that we met with at the office there today (no… this was not the first time we met Jesus):


This is a beautiful area, and I(Matt) have been pleasantly surprised by what is available here.  There are lots of Western things available in Bandung, so we were prepared for very limited selection here.  However, our visits to various stores have been encouraging!  So far the main thing we know will be difficult to find is cheese (oh, how we miss good cheese!).

Also, it is HOT here.  For those of you in Houston, think July but with no A/C.  We are only about one degree south of the equator, so the sun is pretty intense. Oddly enough, this is one of the driest areas in Indonesia due to some mountain ranges nearby.  Although it’s hot, the view here is beautiful!  There are some very high mountains nearby, and we’re close to the ocean so there’s a great afternoon breeze.  Just tonight, I looked up and realized I could see the stars!  Bandung has some serious air and light pollution, so it we nice to look up and see something up there again.

We’ll try to post more as we can here, though it may be intermittent.  I will definitely try to take lots of pictures and video this Sunday when we head out to a village. 


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