Sulawesi Island


Beautiful, right? Yeah… there are some really rough things about having a ministry on an island in Southeast Asia, let me tell you! Yesterday we all went to the beach. This beach was in a bay about an hour drive from the city we are visiting, and it was just perfect. Clear water, no waves, snorkeling, a little hut where we could sit in the shade and the kids could rest. It was such a wonderful day! Since it feels like 100 degrees constantly here with no A/C, swimming was a great way to get out, do something, and cool down at the same time.

Here is our family – we all had such a fun time!


This past weekend our regional team leader was here visiting us and after lots of discussion our team has been adjusted to include four families now: us (the Mengers), Paul and Krisanne, Derek and Kristie, and Max and Janet.

Max is from Indonesia and Janet is from America, they have two children (Penny, 2 and Jethro, 7 mo.), and they have been here in the area the longest of anyone. They also have been so gracious in opening their home to us to stay during our visit here!


Derek and Kristie are from Canada, have two boys (Jayden, 7 and Cedric, 5,) and have been working here for a few years already also. This is the first time we have been able to meet them, and we’re so glad to know them in person now!


Paul and Krisanne are in language school with us in Bandung and are expecting their first baby (boy) this summer.


It is such a blessing to have so many Western kids that Elizabeth can play with here! They all had so much fun splashing together in the water and the older ones are really good at playing with and watching out for the little ones.


This time Elizabeth was brave enough to walk into the water and splash all by herself, and we would have to stop her once the water got almost up to her chin. My girl is growing up!




And, did I mention how beautiful it was?


We have one more day here before flying back to Bandung on Friday morning. It has been a wonderful trip and such a blessing to have this time here on Sulawesi. We have a much better idea of what it will be like to live here, what we can and cannot get, what our team will look like, and what/where our village allocation will be. It has been so encouraging! Thank you so much to everyone that is praying for us – they are all really felt! It is exciting to see each step revealed before us, and thank God constantly for his provision of everything that we need to take each step, even when what we need is a relaxing day at the beach!


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  1. It's so beautiful, Kara! I'm so happy things are progressing smoothly for you guys.

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