Late Wednesday night last week, our good friends David and Cameron arrived to visit us here in Bandung! Cameron just completed her Ph.D. in neuroscience and as a celebration they took a 2 and a half week trip to New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia. It was so great to see some friends again! They had two full days here in Bandung before we had to get them back to Jakarta to catch their plane back to America. We talked and talked, got caught up on a lot of news from our Sunday School class and church back in Houston, ate lots of yummy food, and saw lots of sights! By the end we were all really tired, but we sure did have lots of fun together :).

One of the things that we did with them we had never done before – a trip to the volcano that is pretty close to Bandung. You can drive right up, park next to the crater, and walk around. Here we all are up at the top.


It was something to look down into that crater!


This volcano, Palabuhan Ratu, last erupted in 1983, and is 6,000 ft. high. There were gases coming out of vents in several places around the crater, and the entire place smelled like sulfur (rotten eggs). It was nice and cool up there and we hiked about half-way around the crater. Here are a few more pictures:



From up on top you could look out over the surrounding area and see the clouds forming below. They moved really really fast and were really cool to watch!



Elizabeth is really into playing with rocks lately, and she loved having me pick them up for her so that she could throw them down into the crater. It was a pretty steep drop-off.



Then we hiked some more! Elizabeth ended up falling asleep and taking a nap in the carrier.


But then we had to stop because we ran into this sign (poison gas!):


So as we were walking back the clouds started coming up really fast and spilling over the edge of the crater. Not the best weather to be out hiking in, but it sure was beautiful! It is so amazing to see all of the awe-inspiring and unique places that God has created on this Earth.


We are so thankful for our friends and all of their encouragement and support. It is one of the greatest blessings in life to see friends after a few years and it feel like you just met yesterday. We so miss all of our friends and family back home, but are so thankful for the opportunities that God has put before us. Our home is always open to anyone wanting to visit!


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