Our last two weeks

Wow! It really doesn’t seem like we only have two weeks left here in Bandung. Matt and I both officially finished school yesterday – yay!! Now, I need to get going on the house. Even though we are having a moving company pack us, there is still a lot of organizing that I need to do. When they were packing Paul and Krisanne’s house this past weekend, they accidentally packed the pile of give-away things, and Krisanne had to go through and dig it all back out again. I had better not leave Elizabeth sitting around or they’ll wrap her in paper and pack her too :).

I always hate the initial stages of moving. Once I get going I’m fine, but taking that first picture down off the wall is always such a challenge for me. It’s like I don’t want to admit that everything is very soon going to be completely different. As long as everything still looks the same, it won’t ever change, right? I’m giving myself this weekend to get the process started. One of the advantages to moving a lot (and to the other side of the world) is that you don’t collect all that much useless stuff. But there is still the inevitable sorting of things to throw away, give away, and ship away. And all this with a one and a half year old that loves to undo the things that I just did :). I am so thankful for the adventures that God gives us in life! The last two times we moved, Elizabeth had a lot of fun playing in the empty boxes.



I think this time she will be much more interested in the things INSIDE the boxes! Seeing these pictures again reminds me how fast our precious girl is growing up. It goes so fast, and I am so thankful for every moment. Elizabeth has been such a wonderful blessing in our life and it is so fun to see her little personality develop. We’ll be sure to post lots of pictures!


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