Pool Time

After all of the craziness of moving and travelling, this week has been so refreshing for us to just have lots of time together to hang out at the pool and take naps. Here in Chiang Mai, the weather is warm, but not suffocating, humid, but not overbearing. It’s great “summer” weather to swim! Elizabeth has turned into a little fish with us taking her to the pool every day. She is now brave enough to walk off the edge into the big pool and trust that we’ll just catch her after she goes all the way under water!

Yesterday we went swimming with some good friends from our time in Dallas that just moved to Chiang Mai 6 weeks ago. Chris and Becca have a little boy, Luis, who is close to Elizabeth’s age and they had fun playing together. Here are some pictures of the little munchkins. Future World Cup? I love how serious they look about getting the ball!



Today we went swimming in the afternoon, and Daddy and Elizabeth had a lot of fun playing together. I took way too many pictures, and here are some of the best.

So happy in the water!



She loves to be thrown way up high and come splashing down.

IMG_4862 IMG_4863

Practicing kick-kick-kicking!


And even a little practice floating on the back. Look at that leg extension, Aunt Brittany!


It’s crazy to see how long her hair really is in the water when there aren’t any curls :).


All the way underwater with Daddy – and no crying!


Such a water-baby.


Going in all by herself – look Mom, no hands!


She’s just the perfect size to throw around – and we sure do!




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2 responses to “Pool Time

  1. Elizabeth is so adorable! I'm glad y'all are having a little time to relax!

  2. oh wow! elizabeth and luis are getting so big! we loved the pictures. hope we can see you in the near future as well. glad you enjoyed thailand!

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