Much Delayed…

So I guess that we’re really bad at blogging through transitions, which might get really tricky since most of our lives are just one big transition :). Sorry that it’s been so long!  Right now, we are in our new home here in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.  But, let me back up a little bit.  We did have a really good summer travelling in Thailand and Singapore and here are a few highlights from our trip.  I’m going to split everything we did into several different posts so that none of them end up being too ridiculously long.

With our friends Chris and Becca, we hiked up to see a waterfall near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Of course the guys had to climb as high as they possibly could (somewhat safely).


Here we are exploring the same waterfall a little further down where the kids could actually touch the water.


After that we went to see a Buddhist temple. It was quite a sight, and I have never seen anything that ornately decorated with gold before in my life. We took a ton of pictures and here are a few of the best.  While things like this are very interesting to see for their artistic characteristics, they are also a poignant spiritual reminder.

An interesting music ensemble:


Daddy and Elizabeth looking at the interesting things.


Lots of different Buddhas – some of gold, and one of solid jade.

IMG_5107 IMG_5112

Like I said, almost everything was covered in gold! (even the scaffolding that they were using to do some repairs/restoration had been coated with gold paint)


The temple was very high up on a mountain. Here is a view looking at the temple from the back.


And a view from the temple looking out over Chiang Mai.


Here are the steps we had to climb to get up to the temple. Being at altitude didn’t help me (Kara) much. I was so out of breath about half-way up! I really need to get in shape :).


It was a really fun day and a very interesting learning experience about Thai culture.  Thanks Chris and Becca for showing us around!


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