Our time in Thailand was a huge huge blessing. We had a blast seeing friends, swimming, going to the night market, enjoying eating lots of really good Western food, and of course the other things I’ve already posted about.  It really was a wonderful and hugely refreshing time for our family and a much needed time of rest after our busy year of language learning.  And in-between all that we had some really productive and encouraging meetings with our arts supervisor also! After almost two weeks there in Chiang Mai, we went to Singapore. We spent a little over two weeks there, with one week free and one week attending the Global Consultation on Music and Missions.  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures in Singapore, probably because everything there is so western and looked so “normal”. We did, of course, get some really cute pictures of Elizabeth during our travels. So this post will be dedicated to pictures of our little girl!

Elizabeth and her Daddy!


Elizabeth and Mommy enjoying the rain mister at the flower market in Chiang Mai.


Driving the “jeep” in the Outback section of the Singapore zoo. She would sit there and say “vroom – vroom!”


Trying out a pouty face on Matt.


And Matt laughing at her!


At the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. When did my baby get so big?


Dancing and jumping are her two favorite things to do!


Silly fish-face!


My precious little girl!


Since we came back to Indonesia, we have been staying in another ex-pat’s house while they are gone as we looked for a house and fix a few things before we move in. Elizabeth doesn’t have very many toys here, so sometimes we get really creative in how we play! One evening, she insisted that she needed to wear her motorbike helmet to ride her little toy car around the house :).


Here she is, again on her toy car, all ready to go shopping with her cool shades and fancy purse!


I think I have a girly-girl on my hands :). Like mother like daughter!


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