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Barefoot, Pregnant, and Kneading Bread in the Kitchen

Pretty “suzie-home-maker”, huh? I know, sometimes I shock myself. One of the food items that we can’t get here in Sulawesi is good bread. We can get thin, white, squishy bread which is wonderful – if that’s what you like. Whole wheat bread is hard to come by, but available some places in a very light-wheat squishy variety. I have really really been craving good fresh, crusty bread. Fortunately for me…. MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!! YAY!

Now many of you may not know, but my mother has all sorts of hidden talents, many of which I am now exploiting :). So far she has given me a haircut (YAAAAY!), helped me gut chickens, and medicated my weird tropical skin issues. We’ve talked about getting a sewing machine (and her teaching me how to use it) and making yogurt from scratch, but I think those might be projects for another week. Our project now is bread making!

Again thanks to the internet, Mom found another great website that has lessons starting from the most simple bread and building from there. Mom used to make bread by hand all the time when she was growing up, so it’s great to have someone around that knows what they’re doing.


The first lesson of bread making contains only four ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast. I learned all about kneading, rising, shaping, and baking. Here is a picture of me kneading my first loaf of bread, and a close-up to prove that I actually did it!


This was the end result. It was really really yummy!



Even the smallest member of the house approved!


I felt so inspired by the success of this first bread-making adventure, that I decided I wanted to dive right in to another one. We made cinnamon rolls from scratch right after this loaf came out of the oven. Also very yummy, but maybe a little too much for one day for me, since with all the rising and kneading I wasn’t able to get my afternoon nap :(, something that has become a daily necessity now that I am pregnant. Next time, one new project a day. Here are the pictures from the cinnamon roll venture. Kneading again, and pressing out after it finished rising to put the yummy stuff in the middle.


Rolling and laying out:



After they rise one more time they bake and come out looking yummy yummy yummy!


And finally, the icing on the rolls…


I am so thankful that we have a real oven in our house here now. None of this would’ve been possible with our tiny little burner-top oven that we had in Bandung. I feel so spoiled! Thanks again to my Mom who gave me the guts and the courage to tackle what seemed like an impossible task by myself. Maybe I really can turn into a baker after all? Matt says that now that he knows I can make this stuff, he’ll never let me stop! I will admit, there really is something very yummy about homemade sweet rolls and coffee/tea for breakfast :).



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