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Fall Festival/Halloween

This year, Elizabeth got to dress up as a ladybug. My Mom got the costume last year in a great after-Halloween sale which meant that there was plenty of time to get it all the way here. I’ve had it here in Indonesia since February. Isn’t she cute?
Fake smile for the camera:
All of the other ex-pats here decided to put on our own little “fall festival” for the kiddos. Each family did a different game and brought some finger food. The Fall Festival was Sunday afternoon in our own backyard! Everyone had a lot of fun. Here is a picture of all the kids (our big girl is in the middle of the front row).
Some of the games were:
Ring-on-the-bottle toss
Bowling (she didn’t quite get the whole idea that you’re supposed to stand farther away and roll the ball – but she had a lot of fun knocking the pins over!)
Bobbing for apples (she wanted to observe a little first before she “tried” this one)
She didn’t actually stick her face in the water – Miss Julie held it in her hand while Elizabeth bit into it. We’ll get to the real bobbing when she’s a little bigger!
This was our game. Squirting out candles with a water gun. We had to find a place where the wind didn’t keep blowing out the candles! Elizabeth had fun doing this one with Daddy.
There were other games too, most of them a little too difficult for an almost 2-year-old, like a human target, musical chairs, and getting a nail in a bottle backwards. The kids all had a really really fun time and the adults did too. It’s really special that we get the opportunity to celebrate these special days even so far away from America. After the games, everyone ate, and then went home in their sugar-induced stupor. Elizabeth basically had some of the apple, lots of candy, soda, and some chips for dinner. Oh, and she licked all the icing off of one cupcake too – does that count as a vegetable if it was in the shape of a pumpkin? Hehe… oh well. That’s what Halloween is all about, right?
Happy Halloween/Fall to everyone from humid 90-degree Indonesia!


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