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First Recording Session

Well, this is long overdue and it has certainly been a while since we posted to this blog.  I’m not going to make any statements about how we’re going to try to be better about it – baby #2 is almost here and who knows what things will be like then!

So, I (Matt) had the opportunity to head out to one of the villages in our area (not the one we are going to live in) and do an initial recording session.  Because we don’t yet have a home in the village, we are still in the beginning stages of trying to understand this culture and their arts.  This recording session was a chance for me to have some material to take with me to Bali so that I could work on it and analyze it there while we wait for the birth of baby #2.

I did about 3-4 hours of recording in two main chunks.  First was a young man, Pak F, who is an excellent musician and very passionate about his people and culture.  He is a prolific songwriter and had prepared his 10 best songs for me to record.  They are more contemporary than the traditional music of this culture, but they still draw on cultural roots and use the local language. 

The second chunk of recording was a small group of older people who sang some traditional ceremonial songs for me.  These songs, when all put together, combine to tell the traditional history of this people.  They only had a little bit prepared, and said it was hard to sing these songs out of context.  They are planning a big artistic event in the near future, and they would like me to come and record all of the singing, dancing, etc. then, since for them it will be much easier to perform in the usual way rather than standing in front of a microphone.

Here’s a few samples and a picture from the recording session:


Sorry only one picture – I was on my own for this session, so I could only do one thing at a time!

Here are two samples from the recording session.  The first (0103_111329) is a sample of a traditional ceremonial song.  The second (0103_102048) is on of Pak F’s newly created songs.

*FYI I do have everyone’s permission to use these recordings personally.  That’s important in this line of work!

This is just a start – we’ve barely scratched the surface with these recordings, and we’re excited to get back home once baby #2 is born and get back to recording!


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