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Synod Meeting

This past Friday, I (Matt) attended the Pembukaan Sidang Tahunan Pelka Pria/Kaum Bapak Sinode (the yearly men’s conference for the church synod we work with that reports on last year’s activities and plans for this coming year).  It was quite the event, with some important government officials like the bupati (head of the kabupaten, or district) in attendance. 

It was a neat opportunity for me to meet the church and government leaders in our area, and I’m glad it worked out for me to attend.  Relationships are very important here, and so it was very advantageous for me to meet the bupati, the head of the local police, the local official from the Dept. of Religion, etc. 

Here’s some photos:

2011_03_25_Pembukaan Sigand Bapak GPID (2)

We’re excited to start getting more involved in the community up in the area where we’ll be working!  Right now some people are working on getting together an estimate for the repairs that need to happen to and old parsonage before it will be ready for us to live in.  Then, we’ll finally be able to spend a significant amount of time there.


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