Village House

Looking through our files I saw that Matt took this video of our village house last month. We keep talking about our village house in all our newsletters, so I thought that it might be fun for some of you to see it in process.

Today, Matt just got back from checking on it again and it turns out that there is a shortage of cement in the area. So… a few more walls have been completed since this video was taken, but not a whole lot else is different. Later this week or early next week, Matt will take a load of cement up there in our car so that they can finish the walls and do the floor. After that we need to finish the windows and doors and put up the interior walls. If all that is completed before we leave for America, we’ll be really happy! Then when we get back in the spring we can work on getting some furniture.

A few stills first: the house from the front…

2011-09-09 10.08.23

… and from the back.

2011-09-09 10.09.56

And here in the video Matt explains the interior layout and shows how it’s coming along!


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