Charlotte’s First Birthday!

IMG_5483  IMG_5582

My beautiful baby turned one yesterday! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone – seems like just a few weeks ago we were in Bali waiting and waiting and waiting (and waiting) for her to be born. We are so blessed to have Charlotte as part of our family. She is a spunky, determined, independent, fearless, snuggly and strong Mommy’s girl. The pediatrician yesterday commented on how healthy she was (80th percentile for height and weight) especially for being born overseas. That girl can eat!!

You see that look on her face? Those eyebrows are like that (the “I’m studying you” look) more often than not. She has a wonderful spirited personality and loves to laugh and smile, too. Especially with her big sister. Makes a mommy happy!

On Sunday the 26th, we had a family party for her at the park. I put together some food and we invited all the aunts and uncles that live in Houston to come. It was a little cooler than we had planned, but the kids still had a blast eating food and running around.

IMG_5400  IMG_5572

My goofy little toddler…

IMG_5395  IMG_5397  IMG_5398

… and my silly big girl.

IMG_5417  IMG_5447

The birthday girl with Grandma and Grandpa Menger.

IMG_5422  IMG_5588

The three standing cousins (Emily was there too, but she’s not quite standing on her own yet, so she couldn’t quite keep up with the bigger ones). Elizabeth and Ryan are both playing harmonicas from Uncle Andy.


Charlotte had SO MUCH FUN on the swing with Grandpa. He got her going pretty fast and she loved it!

IMG_5493  IMG_5494  IMG_5495 

Emily loved the swing too. Isn’t she adorable?  And Elizabeth and Ryan had a blast on the playground!

IMG_5530  IMG_5518

Of course we did cupcakes…

IMG_5621  IMG_5638  IMG_5644

and she didn’t do too badly! Not too much of a mess, at least. She didn’t really eat that much of it. And then presents…

IMG_5655  IMG_5659

A few more goofy cousin pictures.

IMG_5629  IMG_5652

Thanks to all the family who came!! We are so blessed to have this time together. We really appreciate being here and having the opportunity to celebrate special days close to the people that we love. I know that all the family couldn’t make it, but some is better than none!

On Monday the 27th (Charlotte’s actual birthday), we took her to the doctor. She got 5 shots, a TB test, and a prick in her finger to test for anemia and lead. Poor baby! She was pretty much feely yucky and exhausted the rest of the day. We did try a cupcake again that night and giver her the presents from us. I only have one picture to share from that but I think it’s a good one. She got a little more into the cupcake this time.


Happy Birthday my sweet Charlotte Abigail!


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