Journey to the [other side] of the Earth.

Saturday morning, we get on our first airplane to go back to Indonesia. Only 3 more days……. aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

So here is the plan.

Saturday, March 31st – fly from Cincinnati to San Francisco via Denver. 2 flights.

Sunday, April 1st –Tuesday, April 3rd – fly from San Francisco to Jakarta via Seoul, Korea and Singapore (we have an nine hour layover in Singapore and we are getting a transit hotel there). 3 flights.

Wednesday, April 4th – fly from Jakarta to our city in Central Sulawesi with one stop. 2 flights.

Did you get that? Total 5 days and 7 airplanes. With a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Yes, we are crazy.

We actually have purposely built in a little more time so that we can lay down in a bed at a few points during our trip. We’re trying it and hopefully it will be better than the same number of flights and no break at all.

Oh yeah… did I mention that I get airsick? Less drowsy Dramamine is going to be my best friend this time. Hopefully it will make me able to function as a Mommy and not feel sick the whole time. That’s what I’m praying for!

We have a whole stack of stuff prepared to keep our little girls entertained during the flights. And Benadryl. For when they need to sleep and just can’t. We have toys, coloring books, snacks, toys, snacks, my tablet, our phones, a computer, snacks, juice, and more toys. Did I mention snacks? Really, when you’re on that long of a trip you will do anything to keep your kids happy. The idea of quiet books and crafts are fine, but when they get really cranky – a movie and some gummy bears, please! Followed closely by Benadryl.

The packing has begun. Thanks to my wonderful father: he got almost all of it done this morning. As of yesterday I didn’t have a single thing (not one!) in a suitcase and it was stressing me out a little. Now I just have to do the carry-ons and finish up one last bag.

Please pray for us as we pack up and travel! We’ll need every bit of grace with ourselves, each other, and other people during our long long journey.



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2 responses to “Journey to the [other side] of the Earth.

  1. Diane Rees

    I will be praying for a peaceful, safe and complication free journey! I’m so glad I was able to see y’all and the girls. They are just precious! I hope your stay was all it needed to be and y’all are renewed and healthy as you return to Indonesia. I will continue to follow your newsletters and my prayers will be with y’all. God bless you, Diane Rees

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