R.I.O. – Our Car

2012-05-23 12.52.05

Thanks to a generous gift from some friends back home, we’ve had this beast (and I mean that affectionately) of a 4×4 for almost 2 years now.  It’s not the prettiest car you’ve ever seen, but now that  we have all the important mechanical stuff fixed underneath we can take it anywhere we want to go.  The only thing I haven’t done yet is add a snorkel, but so far we haven’t needed to cross any deep rivers so it hasn’t been necessary. 

It’s a 1993 Daihatsu Hiline 4×4 with a 2.8 liter diesel engine.  The reason we went for this car is that it is a 4 door instead of a 2 door jeep-style vehicle which would be a bit cramped for our family.  With the extra benches in the back we can seat up to 12 people Indonesian-style, or 9 people American-style.

This workhorse has done about 225,000 miles, and it’s still running strong.  When we bought it, it had aged to the point that lots of things start wearing out all at the same time.  We’re still fixing little things here and there like broken door handles, A/C, small leaks, and some rattles but nothing major. 

The other thing I like is that it also has a low-range gearbox, so we can climb or tow pretty much anything.2012-05-23 12.51.20

You can see in the pictures that the back bumper is missing.  I had to take it off since the spare tire won’t fit on with the bumper in place, and given some of the places we go I’d rather have the spare tire.  Sometime soon I’m going to take it into a welding shop and have the bumper modified so it will fit. 2012-05-23 12.51.46

I was going to wash the car before I took pictures, but since it’s usually pretty dirty I decided to leave it in its natural state. 



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2 responses to “R.I.O. – Our Car

  1. Dude. Awesome. We have a Toyota LandCruiser 80 Series. It is also “a beast”. Since I had never heard of Daihatsu, I don’t know about your vehicle, but, in both cases, God continues to keep them running! Have you noticed that you know a lot more about cars now that you’ve moved overseas, or is it just me?

    • mattmenger

      Hi Jared, sorry this is a late reply. I’d heard of Daihatsu before, but they’re not big in the US. Here in Indonesia, Daihatsu and Toyota have a relationship where they build some of the same cars like Chevy and GM back home. However, our car predates that.

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