More pictures from all over.

We’ve been taking pictures lately of everything we see around here, and we’d like to share a selection of them.  If you follow us on Instagram (@mattmenger or @karajenine) or Twitter (@mattmenger), you may have already seen some of these, but for the rest of you here they are:


Our village house, under construction.  You can almost see the beach down there…(not everything about life here is hard!)


A woman preparing cloves for drying.  They separate the flowers from the stems and leaves before setting them out to dry in the sun.



This is the reddest dragonfly I have ever seen!


I just love this picture!  That’s a decaying papaya tree about to fall over.  The shape of the cells and everything just makes it look weird.



The jungle slowly creeping over our wall and into our yard.  A constant battle.


The trash dump around the corner from our house.  Garbage is a big issue here, but thankfully there’s now a dumpster and at least some of the garbage makes it inside.


I snapped this one on the road home from our village.  That sun is bright, and I burn in 15 minutes without sunscreen.  This is almost on the equator.


This is near our village.  I saw a little boy hard at work  playing on the beach, using his imagination.


Outrigger canoes are the standard craft out here, used for fishing and transportation.


And we’ll leave you with a beautiful sunset, shot from outside our front gate.



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