Things That Anyone Can Send Us Anytime

A long time ago I said that I would share with you the food items that earned a precious place in our luggage on this trip back. Now I think that this list serves a dual purpose – it is also a great list of things that can be put in a package and sent to us! Anyone?

Here is the list:

Rotel Tomatoes (Original)
Bacon Bits or Ready-to-Eat Bacon
Kool-Aid packets
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
Black Beans
Pepperoni (the non-refrigerated kind)
Quart-sized Freezer Bags

I have a really hard time using this stuff up once I get it here, too. C’mon, Kara! Use those black beans and Rotel!

And fyi – if anyone is planning to send a package, could you slide in some stickers and a coloring book for the kiddos?

Getting ready for a 4th of July party here at our house on Wednesday. Should be lots of fun!


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