Life in our new home

Last Tuesday, we headed to the village to stay in our recently completed home there for the first time as a family.  It was exciting to finally get there! This has been a project for two years now, and seemed interminable.  After all the construction work, expense, delays, and complications it was a relief to live there for the first time. 

We expected it to be a stressful trip, and although some things are different about life there it wasn’t nearly as difficult as we’d feared.  Maybe that’s because we had two years to get ready for this!  Our girls loved life there once they met some of the other little girls and they had a fantastic time feeding chickens and rabbits, playing in the mud, and last but not least enjoying the beach about 50 yards from our house (it isn’t all rough and difficult Smile).

There will be much more to share, but for now we’d at least like to give you all a few pictures and a glimpse into village life in our part of the world.

Out our front door:


And another one, with a bit of our car in the picture.  That’s the church up above on the hill.


Our girls playing.


Looking back into the house.  A view of our dining area (bedrooms to the left):


Our bedroom:


Elizabeth and Charlotte’s room:


From the back of our house, looking to the front.  Dining area is to the left:


Our kitchen, with on of our wonderful helpers!


Our kitchen again:


The bathroom, complete with squatty potty!   


Our girls enjoying a bath:


The moon was huge and incredibly bright while we were there.  No city lights also helps:


Our girls playing in the sand outside our front door.  There’s a nice puddle from a leaky water pipe:


Our girls and some new friends playing:


Walking down to the beach.  That’s the side of our house on the right:


Matt and Elizabeth walking on the beach:


Another shot of the beach:


A local fisherman heading out for the evening:


Charlotte being her cute self:


On the road home:


That’s it for now, but there will be much more to come!  Matt will be heading up once or twice by himself during December, but given how busy the Christmas season is here our next family trip will be in early January for a few weeks.  We’re already looking forward to it!


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  1. toddric2003

    It really helped to go back to this blog that I missed to see more of your home!

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