We had a bit of culture shock yesterday, and we didn’t even leave our little town, which isn’t quite so little any more.  We just got a Hypermart!  That may not mean much of anything to most of you, but to us here in the relative backwaters of Indonesia, a store like this means that many of those items we could only buy in Jakarta or Bali and ship home can now be found here!  We’re talking about stuff like:

  • Prego pasta sauce
  • large selection of dry pasta
  • FRESH MILK!!! (usually we only have powdered)
  • very, very large selection of meat (with the exception of “the other white meat,” which isn’t acceptable to the majority religion here)
  • good beef sausages
  • paper towels (we could always get them, but not very many at a time and frequently out of stock)
  • Lock & Lock (really good  Asian tupperware stuff)
  • pancake syrup
  • Hershey’s syrup
  • DECAF COFFEE (yes it’s only instant, but still…)
  • CHEESE!!!
  • peaches, grapes, plums, broccoli, lettuce, and much more produce
  • hamburger buns (you don’t know how much you will miss them until you can’t get them)

This was a seriously overwhelming shopping trip, and we had to keep reminding ourselves that we were here in our town, not in a big city.  Here’s a few pictures to summarize the trip.  For most of you used to Target and Costco, these pictures might seem pretty normal.  For us, this is a giant leap forward for what we can get locally, and grocery shopping will never be the same.  We might actually be able to get everything at one store now!

2013-09-19 17.11.16


2013-09-20 10.46.57

2013-09-20 10.47.21

2013-09-20 10.47.04

2013-09-20 11.01.45

2013-09-20 11.01.40

2013-09-20 10.56.40

2013-09-20 10.55.54

2013-09-20 10.55.41


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