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A Different World

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So why was there a picture of a doorknob in our newsletter?

This post is all about things that were confusing for our girls when we got back. On the first day back in Houston, our girls wanted to go outside and started calling for help. Confused, I walked to the back door and asked what the problem was. “The door won’t open, Daddy!” I walked over, made sure it wasn’t locked, and then it hit me – they’ve never used a round doorknob before! Almost all doors in Indonesia have handles like this:


When the girls were confronted with a round knob, they had no idea what to do! Of course, kids are quick learners and now they have it all figured out. Next:

White Eggs


White eggs. Eggs in Indonesia are brown, not white. When I cooked eggs for breakfast one morning, the girls wanted to know what was wrong with the eggs, and they weren’t too excited about eating them. Thankfully, we’re used to that one now too!

Bathtub drain


This is just a stock photo, but it demonstrates the issue. In Indonesia, we have a little rubber stopper that the girls can put in and pull out. In America, there’s some sort of lever, or something you twist. This one is still confusing Smile.



We haven’t been brave enough to take them to a Toys ‘R Us yet. The pink aisles at Target were overwhelming enough! On our first trip to Target, we let each of the girls pick out a new toy since we didn’t bring much back with us. One of them simply couldn’t do it – there were just too many choices.

Lawn Mowers


This new-fangled device was fascinating for them to watch! They have just now started selling them where we live in Indonesia, but I’ve never seen one in use.

We love how our girls have adapted to life in Asia. We’re still working on liking hamburgers and hot dogs – they eat them now, but still prefer fish and rice Smile.


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