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Choir Practice

During our most recent village trip, Kara was asked to help the local choir learn some new songs to prepare for an upcoming competition.  It was a challenge considering the notation system is different, they have changed the names for the solfege (ti is now si) and the songs had some very difficult parts.  However, Kara did great and the choir loved it!  We also just made them some “practice tapes,” actually mp3s these days, so they can continue to learn their parts well. 

Here’s some pictures below from the trip, in no particular order:

2013-04-28 09.28.54

Drawing in the sand with Grandma


2013-04-28 09.25.13

One of our helpers, Hisma, and Charlotte


2013-04-27 17.15.07

The road through town



2013-04-27 11.54.08

Charlotte eating a fried whole fish, tail first (her favorite part!)


2013-04-27 11.53.59

Elizabeth doing the same, and Grandma getting the photographic evidence.



2013-04-27 11.46.31

Our girls and some friends.  Our tablet is a big hit…


2013-04-27 10.56.28

Elizabeth and her friends.

2013-04-26 19.25.24

Kara leading choir practice


2013-04-26 19.01.18

A panorama of the inside of the church there.


2013-04-26 17.52.16

Charlotte and a friend.


2013-04-26 16.50.05

Soprano and Alto practice at our house.


These photos are from an older trip, but they’ve never been posted so I’m putting them in here:

2013-03-20 16.44.48

All the kids out swimming.

2013-03-20 15.36.59

Our girls wading in.


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Elizabeth’s 4th Birthday!

It is really hard to believe, but our little girl just turned four years old! Elizabeth is a bright ray of sunshine in our lives, and we are so thankful to celebrate four wonderful years with her.


Originally I was planning a ballerina party for her, but a few weeks ago we were talking about it and she said, “No, Mommy. I want a rainbow party!” She stuck to it, so a rainbow party she got. Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year and she wanted just girls, so we had her party over lunch yesterday. There were 5 little girls that came, and they had so much fun together!

Here they all are, with the birthday girl in her rainbow dress!!


We decorated everything with rainbows and rainbow colors.



All the food was rainbow. Rainbow pizza, rainbow veggies, rainbow pinwheel cookies, skittles, watermelon cake (rainbow colors), rainbow kool-aid,  and of course rainbow cake!







We did a LOT of fun rainbow crafts and activities. The girls used colored pasta to make rainbow sun-catchers, they played rainbow bingo while they ate all the food, and then they made Fruit-Loop necklaces (thanks to a box that my mom sent that made it JUST in time the day before the party!) before cake and presents. And then after stuffing themselves full, they went outside to play with water balloons and swing (and burn off all that sugar!).








Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Elizabeth girl!


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Since we had only been back in Indonesia for 4 days we did a few things for Easter but for the most part kept it pretty low key. I just wanted to post a few pictures of our girls and little things that we did for family to see. Keepin it simple these days. I’ll write a post about the traveling in a few days here for those of you who I know are just dying to hear how it went…

So we woke up (really early, because we were still getting over jet-lag) and let Elizabeth open her Easter basket. Charlotte was still sleeping until a bit later. Elizabeth was very happy, can you tell? Love that precious smile!


Both girls got these goofy glasses in their Easter baskets. So silly!


Me with my girls on Easter morning! (sorry a bit blurry)


After church we did a little egg hunt in our front yard. Elizabeth was SO excited about doing this that I wasn’t even able to snap a picture of the two girls together before she was off finding eggs. Charlotte wasn’t sure what to do at first, but after she watched Elizabeth and then saw us pointing to the eggs and putting them in her basket, she thought it was so much fun.




Happy Easter to you all!! Praise the Lord for a Risen Savior who has come to set us free from the power of sin and death!

P.S. – Thanks to Aunt Margaret for the adorable dresses!

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Lilly Family Photos

A few posts back, I put up pictures that we were able to take with the Menger family. We were also able to get pictures with the whole Lilly family since we were finally all together over Christmas. It was really really cold outside, so we just had a friend photographer come to the house and take pictures. They are really good! I will probably keep commenting to a minimum and just posts our favorites. Here you go – enjoy!

Charlotte w-Gpa & Gma w-preset    Elizabeth w-preset

Jenine and Elizabeth 3    Kara & Brittany for fun_

Reading 2

Not all of them are serious… it’s hard to keep us from being goofy when we’re all together!

Love pictures with my girls!!

Kara and Charlotte  Kara and Elizabeth

And my other girls (Mom and Brittany). Dad too, but he’s not a girl.

Kara, Jenine, Brittany 2  Steve, Kara, Brittany-2

Here’s some pictures of just us Mengers:

Menger Family 2  Menger Family

And finally one of all of us together! Great pictures and great memories and great times!! Yay for fun with family.

Whole family

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Christmas Pics

It’s February. I know. But yes, I really am just now posting pictures from Christmas. I’m very sorry.

We did have a really fun Christmas. We were with my (Kara) whole family in Ohio and we (all of us) hadn’t been together for Christmas day in five years so this was really nice.


Merry Christmas from the Menger family!

We opened stockings in the morning…

IMG_9065  IMG_9073

IMG_9076  IMG_9080  IMG_9090

… and had great fun getting pictures of people like this:


Then there was a re-enactment of the Christmas story. Main characters: Elizabeth as Mary, Uncle Gary as Joseph, Panda Bear as Baby Jesus, and Daddy first as the wise man, and then as the Donkey. I know we were missing a few of the main characters, but the most important ones were there.

IMG_9107 (Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus)

IMG_9112 (The Wise Man bringing a gift to Baby Jesus)

IMG_9120 (Joseph leading Mary and Jesus on the donkey as they flee to Egypt)

Elizabeth came up with most of the story herself from us reading to her during the Christmas season. It was fun to see what made an impression and what she remembered!

Then came the picture-taking time in front of the tree before we got to open presents. Here are some of the better pictures that we got!

IMG_9129  IMG_9170  IMG_9213

And then it was present time!! I have a picture of us right before we started into the mayhem…


… but alas, we were too busy opening presents and enjoying being together for Christmas to remember to take any more pictures. Which I think is just a wonderful thing. The added bonus of the day was the Charlotte took her first steps while we were opening presents! She is walking all over the place quite independently now. Hard to slow that little one down!


One of the two cutest little presents I’ve ever gotten!

Merry Christmas! In February!

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Menger Family Photos

Menger (26 of 81)

We have had so much fun taking pictures with family while we’re back in America. Unfortunately the day we had scheduled to take pictures Charlotte was sick and the best we got from her was a pleasant face. No smiles because all she wanted to do was go to bed! But we still had fun and got pictures of all of Matt’s family together.

Here is Grandma and Grandpa with their four grandkids!

Menger (42 of 81)

You can tell here that Charlotte was not feeling well… snuggling with Grandma…

Menger (76 of 81)

Kim (the photographer) took great pictures. We were so happy with the results! Here’s more pictures, some posed and some candid. Enjoy!

Menger (15 of 81)

Elizabeth and Ryan dancing together. So sweet!

Menger (17 of 81)  Menger (75 of 81)

This picture cracks me up… The two littlest ones were SO upset, and their older siblings were just trying to help them calm down, but clearly also wondering what on earth was going on. Poor babies!

Menger (48 of 81)

Menger (8 of 81)

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