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More pictures from all over.

We’ve been taking pictures lately of everything we see around here, and we’d like to share a selection of them.  If you follow us on Instagram (@mattmenger or @karajenine) or Twitter (@mattmenger), you may have already seen some of these, but for the rest of you here they are:


Our village house, under construction.  You can almost see the beach down there…(not everything about life here is hard!)


A woman preparing cloves for drying.  They separate the flowers from the stems and leaves before setting them out to dry in the sun.



This is the reddest dragonfly I have ever seen!


I just love this picture!  That’s a decaying papaya tree about to fall over.  The shape of the cells and everything just makes it look weird.



The jungle slowly creeping over our wall and into our yard.  A constant battle.


The trash dump around the corner from our house.  Garbage is a big issue here, but thankfully there’s now a dumpster and at least some of the garbage makes it inside.


I snapped this one on the road home from our village.  That sun is bright, and I burn in 15 minutes without sunscreen.  This is almost on the equator.


This is near our village.  I saw a little boy hard at work  playing on the beach, using his imagination.


Outrigger canoes are the standard craft out here, used for fishing and transportation.


And we’ll leave you with a beautiful sunset, shot from outside our front gate.



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Crazy Pictures

Sometimes we see the craziest things here!  A way overloaded truck, 6 people on a motorbike, huge loads of stuff, perilous-looking bamboo scaffolding, and all kinds of rigged-up contraptions.  It is a testament to the ingenuity of people here; they always find a way to make it work no matter how crazy it may look to us.  Here’s a picture I took recently:

2012-05-23 08.17.25

There’s a guy up in front of all that driving the motorbike, even though you can only see his feet.  We are still learning just how much one motorbike can carry! Those are balls of plastic twine all strung together. 

As we see more, we’ll post them here.

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Pictures etc.

This is a pretty simple post: we’d just like to share some pictures we’ve been taking lately of day-to-day living and the beautiful things here. Some of these have that “vintage” look; we’ve been playing around with Instagram lately.  Although it’s probably just a passing fad, at least it does encourage us to take more pictures!  If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you may have already seen some of these. 

The biggest issue for me with phone cameras is the color; they just can’t seem to capture the vividness of things.  Fun vintage filters are a way to try to get it in there, but it’s still not the same as a real camera.  Anyway, here’s our favorites:

Bougainvillea in our front yard:

2012-05-14 06.40 edited2

A beautiful sunset, from our side porch:


Same spot, after sundown on a different day:IMG_20120512_211622

A very happy Charlotte:


A view from alongside the road on the way back from the village:

2012-05-15 12.43.50

Kara’s view of the road from behind me on the bike:

2012-05-04 08.19.58

A 360 degree view of a Balinese church on our island:

2012-04-22 11.44.39

Beautiful rice paddies:


Elizabeth and her princess castle (mommy helped a little bit):


The End.

(As a random note, those are all phone-camera pictures with the exception of the rice paddies.  Phones have come a long way!)

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Our Beautiful Island

One of the things we’ve noticed since we returned to our home here is that this place is just beautiful!  I guess before we returned to the US in November, we’d lived here in Indonesia long enough that we didn’t notice it anymore.  I’ve been taking some pictures the last few weeks, and I wanted to post a few from my trip yesterday.  I was on my way back from a church service in the village, and as the sun was setting I snapped a few pictures on my phone:2012-04-13 17.31.14

You might recognize this one; it’s the new banner on our blog:

2012-04-13 17.35.56

Shot from the side of the road on my way home:

2012-04-13 17.51.25

There’s a little sliver of rainbow right in the middle, just to the left of the hill, but it’s hard to make out (gotta love cheap phone cameras, they don’t do this place  justice):

2012-04-13 18.04.02

A boat heading out to fish in the twilight:


And one more panorama just for fun:


This one is from our front porch:


One of my goals is to start snapping more pictures of beautiful things while we’re here; it reminds us of the beauty around us in the midst of a sometimes-difficult life here, and it helps me show all of you the wonderful, unique things about this country and its people.

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