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Recipe Challenge Part 2!

We came back to America for a lot of reasons. One of them was to eat. Food. Good food. Lots of good food. Lots of good American food.

Of course seeing family and friends, visiting places, getting healthy, and being recharged to return to Indonesia are the main reasons. But the food sure is a really nice bonus! Our waistlines are showing it too…

I’ve had a few responses from the recipe challenge that I posted a few weeks (okay, months) ago. Some asked for some more specifics and others said that they wanted to participate. I have found quite a few recipes on Pinterest that I am excited to try, and have been reminded of other good resources for finding recipes overseas. I think the main problem I have had in following up with my first recipe challenge post is that we are still here in America enjoying all of the wonderful yumminess that is available here!

Right now I am still in the collection phase: gathering up ideas and inspiration to take back with me. Please contact or email me with some of your family’s favorite recipes if you would like to participate! We leave in a little less than a month for Indonesia, so I am gathering and gearing up. If you need to see the list of things we CANNOT get, just check the original post. Once we are back in Indonesia and cooking (after jet-lag has worn off), I will post which recipes we tried, what worked, and what we thought.

Look for a post in the mean time about what foods and food related items I deem worthy of space and weight to take back with us. Let the packing begin!


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