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Pictures etc.

This is a pretty simple post: we’d just like to share some pictures we’ve been taking lately of day-to-day living and the beautiful things here. Some of these have that “vintage” look; we’ve been playing around with Instagram lately.  Although it’s probably just a passing fad, at least it does encourage us to take more pictures!  If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you may have already seen some of these. 

The biggest issue for me with phone cameras is the color; they just can’t seem to capture the vividness of things.  Fun vintage filters are a way to try to get it in there, but it’s still not the same as a real camera.  Anyway, here’s our favorites:

Bougainvillea in our front yard:

2012-05-14 06.40 edited2

A beautiful sunset, from our side porch:


Same spot, after sundown on a different day:IMG_20120512_211622

A very happy Charlotte:


A view from alongside the road on the way back from the village:

2012-05-15 12.43.50

Kara’s view of the road from behind me on the bike:

2012-05-04 08.19.58

A 360 degree view of a Balinese church on our island:

2012-04-22 11.44.39

Beautiful rice paddies:


Elizabeth and her princess castle (mommy helped a little bit):


The End.

(As a random note, those are all phone-camera pictures with the exception of the rice paddies.  Phones have come a long way!)


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Blueberry Girl

Today was a beautiful day here in Ohio!! We took the girls outside after their naps this afternoon and walked in the grass, played with the hose on the driveway, and rode bikes. It was so fun! When we came back in Charlotte was hungry and I had to get dinner ready, so… I had to give her a snack to hold her over. She got blueberries.

This girl LOVES blueberries!! Since we got back here to America, she has enjoyed them as a snack, and if she sees them will refuse all other food until she is given blueberries. Now that she is understanding more words, all I have to say is, “Charlotte, do you want some blueberries?” and she heads straight for the fridge. Her favorite spot to eat them is from a bowl on the floor. Here is my cute little blueberry girl!


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Ice Cream! (at the Whippy Dip)

So in Loveland, where Kara’s parent’s live, there’s this great little ice cream place called the Loveland Dairy Whip, but everyone just calls it the Whippy Dip.  This is where Elizabeth had her first ice cream a few years ago, so we thought Charlotte should enjoy some too.  Some of Kara’s relatives were visiting also, so we had a great time letting the kids make a mess.

View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album

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Mother Guilt

Today was a rough morning. No big reason, just one of those days where I don’t feel like I understand what’s going on around me. Kids screaming. Laundry. Dishes. Packing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a morning like this…

Anyway, after lunch there were some things I just had to do and I wasn’t able to play with the girls like I usually would. At first they were kind of fussy, and then Elizabeth told me she was “out of ideas”. I kept on cleaning up and doing laundry and then I noticed that something had happened. They started playing with each other! Charlotte loves to go out on the balcony here at my sister’s apartment and Elizabeth started running out there and jumping close to her. All I heard was the giggling! See what happens if I can just let go of my guilt of not engaging and interacting with them constantly and just let them play?!?! They had a great time!

It is the best reward of all to see the two of them having so much fun together as sisters. Here is the video of our sweet girls. Charlotte was laughing so hard that she had fallen over and I think she couldn’t stop laughing to get up.

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