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Christmas Pics

It’s February. I know. But yes, I really am just now posting pictures from Christmas. I’m very sorry.

We did have a really fun Christmas. We were with my (Kara) whole family in Ohio and we (all of us) hadn’t been together for Christmas day in five years so this was really nice.


Merry Christmas from the Menger family!

We opened stockings in the morning…

IMG_9065  IMG_9073

IMG_9076  IMG_9080  IMG_9090

… and had great fun getting pictures of people like this:


Then there was a re-enactment of the Christmas story. Main characters: Elizabeth as Mary, Uncle Gary as Joseph, Panda Bear as Baby Jesus, and Daddy first as the wise man, and then as the Donkey. I know we were missing a few of the main characters, but the most important ones were there.

IMG_9107 (Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus)

IMG_9112 (The Wise Man bringing a gift to Baby Jesus)

IMG_9120 (Joseph leading Mary and Jesus on the donkey as they flee to Egypt)

Elizabeth came up with most of the story herself from us reading to her during the Christmas season. It was fun to see what made an impression and what she remembered!

Then came the picture-taking time in front of the tree before we got to open presents. Here are some of the better pictures that we got!

IMG_9129  IMG_9170  IMG_9213

And then it was present time!! I have a picture of us right before we started into the mayhem…


… but alas, we were too busy opening presents and enjoying being together for Christmas to remember to take any more pictures. Which I think is just a wonderful thing. The added bonus of the day was the Charlotte took her first steps while we were opening presents! She is walking all over the place quite independently now. Hard to slow that little one down!


One of the two cutest little presents I’ve ever gotten!

Merry Christmas! In February!


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