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Our New Water Filter

One of the things we brought back with us was a new water filter system.  Before, we were ordering bottled water in big 5 gallon jugs, office water-cooler style.  While not expensive, it was costing us about $20-$30 per month.  Ever since Elizabeth had typhoid last year, we’ve been trying to eliminate as many possibilities for infection as we can and our new water filter system lets us control one more aspect of what we consume rather than trusting someone else’s filtration system that we can’t see or monitor.

Figuring out a good water filter system isn’t easy, especially with the amount we consume.  So, due to one of our supporter’s passion for clean water and a generous gift to take care of this, we’ve got a new water filter system!  We opted for the Sawyer PointTwo system, which filters down to .02 microns.  That’s better than any of the ceramic filters out there, and it even takes care of viruses along with anything else living in the water.  Since we have a nice, deep, clear-running well of our own to start with, this just takes care of anything biological that might be hiding in there. 

The best part about these filters is that they’re relatively cheap and portable.  The one in the pictures below is plumbed into our house water supply, but in the village we can hook one up to a bucket of water and it will run off of gravity.  With the water pressure in our home, this filter fills a cup just as fast as a built-in water dispenser on a refrigerator in the US.

Here it is mounted next to our kitchen sink.  I put it up high to keep it clean.  At some point in the future I might work out a better bracket mount for it.IMG_5839

And here it is in use!


Thanks once again to our awesome partners who set us up with this!


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