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American Food!

Recently we were talking to Kara’s parents about the kinds of things we do/do not want to eat while we’re back home.  We made a list for them so they can think about meals and shop for groceries, and we think it’s humorous enough to share.  Here’s the list in modified form; I added in some explanations for things you might not know about.  If its in the “want to eat” list, you can be pretty sure we can’t get it (or it’s not very good) where we live.

Things we WANT to eat:

  • good, fatty, beef! (we usually have to add oil to our ground beef here, instead of draining it, and it still is just so-so)
  • sausage!
  • lunchmeat and sandwiches
  • grilled food
  • Mexican, Tex-Mex, or anything in between
  • salads (i.e. fresh greens that we didn’t have to cook to kill all the nasties)
  • stone fruit
  • berries
  • bacon
  • chips and salsa
  • sausage
  • brussels sprouts
  • broccoli (the kind without worms living in it)
  • asparagus
  • beef
  • basmati rice
  • salmon
  • cheese
  • pretzels
  • bacon
  • hamburgers and hot dogs
  • cheese: anything but mozzarella (the only kind we can get here)
  • yogurt we didn’t have to make ourselves from powdered milk
  • goldfish crackers
  • beef
  • good chocolate
  • ice cream
  • Chinese takeout
  • delivery pizza (Papa Johns)
  • breakfast cereal:
    • grapenuts
    • Cheerios
    • Kix
    • Frosted Mini-Wheats
    • Life
    • etc.
  • cheese
  • sausage
  • beef
  • mushrooms
  • avocados

Things we DON’T want to eat:

  • MSG
  • white bread
  • anything soaked in PK (Potassium Permanganate, we soak all fresh produce in it to kill the nasties)
  • dog (yes I’m serious)
  • bugs, worms, and parasites
  • tikus (rat) or any other mystery meat
  • Cha-Chas (bad imitation M&Ms)
  • food with salmonella in it
  • bat (yes I’m serious)
  • rotten and/or greenish meat
  • chicken head, skin, cartilage, liver, kidneys, heart, or any other innards

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