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Lilly Family Photos

A few posts back, I put up pictures that we were able to take with the Menger family. We were also able to get pictures with the whole Lilly family since we were finally all together over Christmas. It was really really cold outside, so we just had a friend photographer come to the house and take pictures. They are really good! I will probably keep commenting to a minimum and just posts our favorites. Here you go – enjoy!

Charlotte w-Gpa & Gma w-preset    Elizabeth w-preset

Jenine and Elizabeth 3    Kara & Brittany for fun_

Reading 2

Not all of them are serious… it’s hard to keep us from being goofy when we’re all together!

Love pictures with my girls!!

Kara and Charlotte  Kara and Elizabeth

And my other girls (Mom and Brittany). Dad too, but he’s not a girl.

Kara, Jenine, Brittany 2  Steve, Kara, Brittany-2

Here’s some pictures of just us Mengers:

Menger Family 2  Menger Family

And finally one of all of us together! Great pictures and great memories and great times!! Yay for fun with family.

Whole family


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